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What happens to a guy after he has traveled the world, worked as a concierge, educator and counselor, risen to become the CEO of a high-profile nonprofit organization, and found his soulmate?  He starts a company called Designing Love, Inc.  Yup, that's me, Neal Holmes! I am here to give advice,  help to continue to spark your love connection, or write about those intriguing topics about love that are on your mind.  Part planning service, part conceirge service, we are 100% committed to creating stylish, graceful, intimate events. This is the first company of its kind in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Find out how we use our creativity to express your loving personality!To explore how I and a few trusted associates can help you create inspired intimate events, please email me at neal@designingloveinc.com or visit the Designing Love, Inc. website at www.designingloveinc.com.
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