Upper St. Clair Teachers to Vote on Contract Modifications

If teachers reject the proposal, the district will have to eliminate programs and furlough 30 to 40 professional employees, according to the Upper St. Clair School District's superintendent.

Teachers will vote Friday evening on whether to accept a proposal from the that would modify their current contracts.

Superintendent Patrick O'Toole said at that if the teachers reject the proposal, the district will need to move forward with , which will include the elimination of programs and the furlough of 30 to 40 professional employees.

If teachers approve the proposal, O'Toole said administrators are prepared to present a budget to the school board that would incorporate the savings provided for in the proposal.

Administrators have been in discussions with the Upper St. Clair Education Association, the collective bargaining agent for Upper St. Clair teachers, concerning modifications to the teacher contract.

"These modifications would significantly assist the school district in the budget process," O'Toole said. "We have negotiated a proposal with the leadership of the association, and the leadership explained and recommended the proposal to the teachers earlier this week."

The proposal is subject to ratification by the teachers Friday evening.

"I am hopeful that the proposal we have negotiated with union leadership will be
approved," O'Toole said.

If teachers approve the proposal, it will be presented to the school board for approval at a special school board meeting scheduled for 8 p.m. Friday, April 20.

O'Toole could not reveal what contract modifications are being proposed. Two years remain on the existing teacher contracts.

Editor's Note: Keep checking back to Upper St. Clair Patch as we continue to follow this developing story.

What are your thoughts on the proposal to modify the Upper St. Clair School District's teachers' contracts? Do you think the teachers should approve the proposal Friday? Tell us in the comments.

William Johns April 20, 2012 at 12:54 PM
Don't know whether they should or not since no detail available. But the smart money says they won't. Furloughs will be based on seniority. Therefore everyone knows if they are safe or on the bubble. Since most are safe, most will reject modifications. As for the union looking out for their brothers and sisters instead of self preservation.... Hold your breath! Its a secret ballot.
J.Q. Public April 20, 2012 at 02:42 PM
It is the #1 district for a reason, and none of those reasons have to do with any "boxed" programs that the district has acquired. Our teachers make the students what they are; this is why there scores are so high, the dropout rate so low, and the education that they receive opens many doors for them at the college level. They are the #1 rated, but yet not the highest paid. They are not the highest paid in the county; they are actually further down the list. We already getting the biggest bang for the buck, and we already have them under contract for the next 2 years. The powers that be do not how to manage a school district, or in the least, bargained in bad faith during the last contract negotiation, as they planned to freeze salaries and or cut headcount less than 2 years later. The writing is on the wall: they will cut the IB program, force some teachers to retire, and layoff some of the non tenured staff. The profession of teaching youth is not getting any easier: the education, certification, post certification continued learning Act 48, mainstreaming special needs and autistic children, changes in technology, and the changing philosophy of teacher-centric education instead of a family-centric education are increasing the stress levels to an enormous proportion, putting it at the top of the most stressful professions, and now you add the added stress of a loss of job and or a pay cut. That is real nice work USC School board and Dr. O’Toole. Real Nice.
Yvonne Myers April 28, 2012 at 08:41 PM
J.Q. Public You are absolutely right. The board is cutting salaries back to 2009, only teachers salaries, not the administration, who recently received pay raises. Some of the teachers agree to pay cuts in order to safe some teachers, to have no furloughs. Now the board is going to cut programs, which means, that teachers will still be out of a job. Not furloughs, just cuts. The school board keeps over spending money that they don't have. Want teachers to make sacrifices in these difficult financial times, but the school board and administrators continue to enjoy their perks and salaries. No salary cuts in the administration, they are safe. The administrators keep going on trips and "training", now the teachers will get less money, and as they cut programs, the students will also be affected. Parents be ware, if you move to Upper St. Clair because it has been ranked #1 for the last seven years, Dr. O'Toole has said that the school district will NO longer be what it is known for.


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