Donations Needed for School Wireless Microphone System

There are four musicals planned this spring.

The Upper St. Clair School District is seeking donations from businesses or individuals for a $14,000 wireless microphone system to enhance the sound quality of the Upper St. Clair High School, Fort Couch Middle School and Boyce Middle School musical productions.

Organizers are seeking show underwriters to donate $1,000 or more for each musical production or a single diamond sponsor to donate $5,000 for all of the spring musicals.

Every underwriter and the sponsor will receive advertising in some of the musical programs, a large display outside the Upper St. Clair High School Theater and/or Boyce Middle School Theater, permanent recognition on a plaque mounted in the Arts Lobby of the high school and a very personal congratulatory announcement made prior to each opening curtain.

For this year, the USC musicals scheduled are the following:

• High School musical Anything Goes March 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9 at the USCHS Theater

• Boyce 6th grade musical Sleepy Beauty Kids April 17-18 at the Boyce Theater

• Fort Couch spring musical Grease Jr. May 3 and 4 at the USCHS Theater

• Boyce 5th grade musical Disney Cinderella Kids May 20 and 21 at the Boyce Theater

If you would like more information or are ready to put in your bid for underwriting or sponsoring a musical production, please call Sandra Gallo at 412-833-1600 extension 2516. 

B February 21, 2013 at 03:59 AM
If that is the case then I agree as to ask 'where' the money went from the fundraisers. If the money did go to other useful things then I understand asking for it now. Otherwise you make a good point.
Glenn Robinson February 21, 2013 at 05:16 PM
Instead of begging for money, perhaps some value could be returned? May I suggest a "sing for your supper" approach? When I was in high school in Florida, way back in the late '70s, the high school music department rented the local community center each spring and put on a concert for the community. It was a 2 hour program. We sold tickets for 5 or 10 dollars each and sold ads in the program. This concert served several purposes. It raised thousands of dollars for the music department and, perhaps more importantly, built very strong community support for the music department. If I were on the school board, that is the type of approach I would suggest.
Arcole February 22, 2013 at 03:06 AM
The businesses pay a boat load of school taxes too!! And they usually don't have kids in the school district. The business people pay enough to be in USC. Wireless microphones?? Where do we think we are Heinz Hall? These are school kids, not professionals. I thought the High School Theatre was "state of the art", BUT we don't have wireless microphones. Maybe we can trade a few polo ponies for microphones. Hey Oren, could you look into this please ????
uscdad February 23, 2013 at 09:26 PM
I understand from a school board member that a small portion of the first USC Celebrate the Schools Gala was used to help pay for some wireless microphones for the high school and Boyce, but all proceeds from the Second Gala (2012) will go to "technology on the field and in the classroom," not musicals.
Eric Fischer March 16, 2013 at 03:54 AM
With all the corruption in the world today, I'm not surprised that there are some questions about where fundraising monies went. We need to find out some answers!!!


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