Middle Schools Renovations Are '92 Percent Complete'

John Bornyas, director of operations, community relations and special projects, gave a middle school renovations update to the school board.

John Bornyas, director of operations, community relations and special projects, gave a middle school renovations update to the Board on Monday night.

Barbara Bolas, a school director, said she had been hearing from residents that a lot of work still isn't complete at Boyce Middle School. Dr. Bornyas assured her and the other board members that 92 percent of the work is complete. He said the and he hopes the floor can be finished in November. Dr. Bornyas also said the construction wrap-up will be evident once crews finish Boyce Middle's front facade.


Construction in October 2011:
•Completed gymnasium wall and ceiling patching
•Completed gymnasium ceiling preparation and painting
•Continued to monitor moisture content of concrete slab
•Completed work in restrooms D124 and D125
•Continued work in restrooms A100 and A101
•Continued work in storage rooms on the east and north sides of the gym
•Continued site concrete installations
•Continued installation of gutters and soffit and fascia panels on building
•Began installation of the gravel pave system in the lower parking area

Construction scheduled for November 2011:
•Complete gymnasium wood floor installation
•Complete all areas adjacent to the gymnasium


Contruction in October 2011:
•Continued finish electrical work in the building
•Continued landscaping
•Continued field work

Construction scheduled for November 2011:
•Complete all work and punchlists

At the next school board meeting on Nov. 28, the school board will vote on whether to approve a consulting contract for Dr. Bornyas. Dr. Bornyas is retiring on Jan. 4 and Superintendent Patrick O'Toole said he would like to make sure the district has assess to Dr. Bornyas in 2012.

Dr. O'Toole said they may need Dr. Bornyas for his knowledge with the middle school renovation projects, custodial and bus issues and collective bargaining with support staff. If the contract is approved, the district will be able to hire Dr. Bornyas for a maximum of 20 days for $40 an hour.

Are you happy with the middle school renovations? Tell us in the comments.

Anonymous School Parent November 17, 2011 at 05:47 PM
I have to say that this entire construction project has been a nightmare at Boyce. While we just arrived at Boyce this school year and have had to only endure the ending renovations I feel bad for those students who have endured the entire renovation project. What I have a hard time comprehending though is the fact that on 10/21/11 there is to be another Rededication at Boyce for the students however work still isn't really anymore completed than it was at the first dedication. So why are we wasting the teachers and students time to have them go back through the process of the dedication. In my opinion I would wait until after the holidays and when the students come back from Winter Break, have the rededication then so they can see everything done. The biggest part that isn't done and why they are having this is for the gym. I just wish some people would look at it straight on instead of hind sight!!!!!!


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