How Much Money Would USC School District Get Under Corbett's Budget?

USC would get an increase. See how much.

Gov. Tom Corbett's budget is out and, of course, everyone wants to know how much their cut of the budget pie will be—especially school districts.

Patch found that Upper St. Clair School District is slated to receive an 8 percent increase from $9.6 million for the 2012-13 school year to $10.5 million for 2013-14 if the governor's proposed budget passes, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education's website.

Funding is broken down into six categories. The Pennsylvania Department of Education numbers are in the screenshot above. Here's a little more analysis:


Basic Education Funding—from $3,900,422 to $4,060,429, up 4 percent

School Employees' Social Security—$1,233,780 to $1,267,791, up 3 percent

School Employees' Retirement—$1,902,533 to $2,400,127, up 21 percent

Pupil Transportation—$822,761 to $869,789, up 5.5 percent

Non-Public and Charter School Pupil Transportation—$61,153 to $78,965, up 23 percent


Special Education Funding—$1,751,309 to $1,742,552, down 1 percent

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Mark Denton March 20, 2013 at 07:10 PM
Why is special needs funding being decreased?? I guess Corbett doesn't care about the "special"" people in the township. My son is "special" and I never decrease my care for him or his "special" friends. I say we try to impeach Corbett.
James March 20, 2013 at 07:52 PM
@John. I am sorry that your son is receiving less monetary attention from the School District. This is just another example of the "prestigious" image the USCSD tries to keep (see my post about the USC "Nutrition" center). This budget cut for the Learning Support section of the USCSD is a direct impact from inflated test scores that the School Dist. submits to the state... Oh but don't worry....the retired and almost retired teachers are going to keep their big pensions.... Gov. Corbett....you need to WAKE UP and realize these special children need the monetary support you are taking away from them!!!!!
Mark Denton March 21, 2013 at 05:07 AM
Thank you WAKE UP for understanding my point and bringing up the "nutrition" center....what a crock....half the students in America are obese and they eat in "cafeterias"....not nutrition centers. The retired employees shouldn't be so greedy with their pensions either!!!


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