USC Board Chooses New Municipal Park Design

The new equipment will feature a 'mega tower.'

The in will soon be receiving an upgrade.

The Upper St. Clair Parks and Recreation Board unanimously voted on a new playground equipment design.

"Municipal Park definitely has the most used and most tired looking equipment," said Gary Schafer, Upper St. Clair's forestry administrator.

Schafer presented the board with three playground options on Tuesday night at the . Each design costs about $40,000.

Board members agreed on purchasing equipment from Miracle Recreation Equipment Company. They were impressed with the "mega tower," which is a double-decker tower with two 10-foot slides. Other features include an additional smaller slide and a bridge.

Board members were also adament on installing equipment with a natural look, since it's near the woods and a stream.

The board will spend their budgeted $25,000 for 2011 and 2012 to pay for the equipment. The extra $10,000 will be used to replace the water fountain, install new benches, lay woodchips and other smaller costs.

If possible, the board is already looking ahead to using the 2013 budget for the Municipal Park as well. They said they would love to add climbing rocks and install a soft surface other than woodchips.

The existing swings will remain in the park. The board had hoped to build more swings, but did not have enough money in its 2011 and 2012 budgets to do so.

The employees will be installing the equipment. Schafer said some sidewalks will be removed to create more space.


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