Speed Humps Could Be Coming to Popular Cut-Through Road

Bridgeville Borough Council commissioned the traffic study when Bedner residential development talks began.

A traffic study for several residential roads in Bridgeville suggests a few tweaks to help slow motorists and curtail the number of cars in those neighborhoods.

Borough Manager Lori Collins announced some of the findings during to give the public a glimpse of the findings.

The borough commissioned the traffic study earlier this year to see if there could be ways to dissuade Upper St. Clair from t onto Main Street. But when that entrance option was shut down, the traffic study still offered ideas for problematic areas in town.

Collins said there were a few minor suggestions for Pesavento Drive, Main Street and Cook School Road that included road signs or parking changes. But the traffic study also suggested the installation of speed humps on Ridge Road, which typically sees about 1,000 cars every day. That work could be completed by October.

“We think that would be an improvement to the neighborhood,” Collins said.

Councilman Bruce Ghelarducci, who is on the borough’s safety committee, reviewed the study and thinks they can continue to improve the safety of the town’s roads.

“We can look at other things as time goes on,” he said.

Do you think speed humps on Ridge Road would help? Tell us in the comments.

William Johns September 12, 2012 at 12:07 PM
I could care less, however, recommendations seem to be made more out of spite than common sense. Those streets are all winding, narrow and hilly. Cars can't really speed on them anyway. If someone does, speed bumps probably aren't going to stop them. Might even run the risk of causing cars to go out if control thereby creating a real threat to residents.


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