Rescheduled Planning Commission Meeting Location Determined

The May 5 meeting will take place in the Community and Recreation Center.

The rescheduled planning commission meeting on May 5 at 7:30 p.m. will take place at the new .

Attendees will gather in community rooms A, B and C.

The April 21 meeting was postponed and rescheduled due to the large number of residents that attended the meeting. More than 100 people were spilling out of the municipal building's meeting room, which only holds 50 seats.

Most of the residents were there to speak out against the proposed text amendment that would allow mixed-use development on the former Consol Energy headquarters land. The residents were optimistic more people would be able to attend the May 5 meeting because it will not be during the school district's spring break.

Also on the planning commission agenda on May 5, whether the township should allow electronic message center signs.

John April 29, 2011 at 02:06 PM
Costco would be great to look at from Washington Road sitting in bumber-to-bumber traffic. Lots of ways to get there from 79? The people at the intersection of Painters Run and McMillan will be so happy. Wonderful gridlock until the taxpayers have to fund widening Ft. Couch. That will be great. A four lane road next to two schools. I wonder how many kids will have to get hit by cars or worse before we realize that is not a good thing. But, people will have their Costco, Walmart or any other generic big box store across from a Target. USC is a residential area. It was designed that way and should remain that way. As for potential tax revenues, that is a red herring argument, but not necessarily true and greedy. There is a tax already being paid on the property and will continue to be paid. Then, when the high rise condos/apartments go in, we will overburden our school even further because those people will not have to pay any property taxes and their income tax will not meet the cost of educating those kids. With additional road maintenance, police and fire costs and all else the township will have to spend to bring in those "tax revenues" we will all be much worse off. And by the way, the developer picked the location of that meeting. So we can agree. That is laughable.
ed henry April 30, 2011 at 11:57 PM
It's hard to follow the logic that states 'USC is residential, it was designed that way and should stay that way'. Washington road, north of the church, is a series of inconsistent (and mostly outdated) strip malls and the building sitting on the property in question was the home of a corporate office. Whether or not we like or agree with it, has been planned (at least during the past few decades) to include a mix of residential, retail and commercial uses. I completely understand the density, traffic and safety concerns and think the proposal needs to be put through a rigorous and open review process. I also think that it's a planning mistake to add another strip mall (or a Costco-like store) to an area where there are already many vacant storefronts. Having said that, it's frustrating that the South Hills is no longer the location of choice for high end retail in the Pittsburgh area. It's clear that the issue has already stirred up a lot of emotional responses from the community. I haven't formed an opinion on the proposal yet because I'd prefer to hear more from the developer and the commissioners first and then weigh the facts. I just hope that those who have already formed a strong opinion one way or another can allow the process to run its course in a professional and respectful manner.
Very Concerned May 05, 2011 at 04:33 AM
@ D, "I spoke with the commissioner in my ward and he informed me that the process is far from complete as recent propaganda may lead some residents to believe. No proposals have been submitted and nothing is written in stone or even decided. In fact, according to him the process is in its infancy and has not even been presented to the commissioner which is a requirement for a project of this nature." Unfortunately I have to wonder if your Commissioner also happens to be the same Commissioner who is employed by Mr. Cipriani (the Developer).
Very Concerned May 05, 2011 at 04:40 AM
@ USC Resident, FYI..."those four page glossy mailings" were done by Sprawl-Busters who are a national organization that helps communities with these types of fights....they do great work....you should check them out, www.sprawl-busters.com.
d May 05, 2011 at 01:07 PM
Very Concerned: In your post you intimated that one of our commissioners has a conflict of interest that may prevent him from doing the job that he was elected to do. I would be most interested in knowing the name of that person.


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