Public Works Builds Fish Habitat in Upper St. Clair

The stream in front of the post office will now be better for fish life.

The Upper St. Clair Public Works department teamed up with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission during to help improve the stream that runs in front of the along McLaughlin Run Road.

"We had a need for some bank stabilization," said Dave Kutschbach, superintendent of projects for the public works department.

The organizations worked together to design a project that stabilizes the bank and creates a fish habitat.

"We created structures that directs the water down the center," Kutschbach said.

Channelizing the stream will prevent bank erosion along with providing structures for the fish to live under.

"The structures create some overhead cover for the fish to stay away from predators like birds and raccoons," said Jon Thomas, from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

Thomas said the new structures give the possibility of creating more fish life in the stream.

"There isn't much here right now, but they'll start to congregate," Thomas said.

The fish include basic minnows, daces and carp, he said.

"The structures will stop sediment from going into the streams and make the water better for the organisms," said Keith Beamer, of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

The Allegheny County Conservation District was also involved with the project.

"It provides dual benefits. Better relationships develop between the township, nonprofits and state organizations," said Amy Miller, of Allegheny County Conservation. "And it results in a cleaner stream. There's going to be less sediment so that means less flooding. And it makes it prettier."

"This project is an example of the township's commitment to conservation and clean streams," Kutschbach said.

The public works department also celebrated National Public Works Week with an open house for kids and the community. to read the article.


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