Commissioners Approve CRC Rate Increase

The Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a rate increase for Community & Recreation Center members on Monday night.

The Board of Commissioners approved what they called a "modest" membership rate increase for Community & Recreation Center (CRC).

The youth rate nearly doubled, jumping from $17.25/month to $32/month for residents, and $22.50/month to $42/month for non-residents.

"After one and a half years (of being open), we have a better understanding of wear and tear," Commissioner Preston Shimer said. "The youth use the equipment in a heavy, aggressive way, so strategically their rates should be more."

The youth annual rates are now the same as the senior annual rates, which remained frozen this year. The rate for senior residents will still be $32/month and the rate for senior non-residents went up one quarter to $42/month.

Resident adult and family rates increased by five percent. Adult residents will pay $46/month, up from $44/month. The family rate will be $82/month, up from $77.75/month.

"(Residents) may think it's a better deal to purchase the family rate," Shimer said.

"The family rate is still under $1,000/year," Commissioner Mark Hamilton pointed out.

Non-resident adult and family rates increased to the level of 25 percent above corresponding resident rate. Non-resident adult rates will increase from $57.33/month to $58/month. Non-resident family rates will increase from $101.25/month to $103/month.

Monthly rates for annual memberships will go into effect on July 1.

The approved plan also calls for a new seasonal rate for three month memberships for the period of April through September.

The president of the Board of Commissioners was unable to attend Monday's meeting, however Robert Orchowski advised the Commissioners to wait to vote on the rate increases until April's meeting so there would be more time to digest the changes.

The Commissioners decided to go ahead and vote on the rate increase on Monday night because the seasonal rates needed action to implement for April. 

The three month rates for resident youth members drastically jumped from $81 to $192. Another drastic increase for non-resident youth members, from $105 to $251.

Resident adult seasonal rates increased from $204 to $278; non-resident adult seasonal rates increased from $267 to $347. 

Resident family seasonal rates jumped from $360 to $492; non-resident family seasonal rates jumped from $468 to $615. 

Seasonal membership rates for seniors did not remain the same, as the annual membership rates did. Resident senior rates for the three month membership will be $192, up from $150. Non-resident senior rates for the three month membership will be $251, up from $195.

Commissioners said the seasonal rates, used during the spring and summer, are more expensive due to the outdoor pool usage. These rates will go into effect on April 1.

Commissioners Shimer, Hamilton, Glenn Dandoy, Mark Christie, Russell Del Re and Daniel Paoly all voted in favor the rate increases on Monday night. Commissioner Orchowski was absent and did not vote.

Commissioner Shimer said the CRC membership rates will still be less expensive than comparable facilities, and the CRC remains more sophisticated and state-of-the art.

Commissioner Hamilton said he's quite comfortable with the rate increases, "They truly are modest."

debra jones March 10, 2011 at 03:26 AM
I feel that that doubling the youth rate is crazy and unfair, particularly at a time when physical inactivity of our children is leading to record breaking obesity, high blood pressure , and many other premature health problems. You are sending them mixed messages about how important exercising is to maintaining a healthy life style. Shame on you for singling out one particular group. If particular users are abusing the equipment , address the situation at the time of the occurence and don't extend the punishment to a whole group.
Becky Brindle March 10, 2011 at 01:59 PM
Thank you for your comment, Debra.


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