Bridgeville Official Accuses Bedner Developer of Making Misleading Comments

Bridgeville officials emphatically denied claims by the Bedner Farm developer that the new neighborhood development is 'going to connect' to Main Street.

Bridgeville’s solicitor emphatically denied claims by the Bedner Farm developer that the new neighborhood development is “going to connect” to Main Street.

Richard Ferris, who represents the borough on legal matters, read aloud to the Bridgeville Council a letter he sent to the Upper St. Clair Planning Commission on Oct. 25. In the letter, he denies claims that he wrote to that township saying Bridgeville would not contest the Main Street entrance to Bedner’s.

Heartland Homes President Marty Gillespie told the Upper St. Clair Planning Commission on Oct. 18 that Ferris wrote the township a letter saying they wouldn’t be contesting the connection. Our sister website at Upper St. Clair Patch previously reported on that Gillespie insinuated Bridgeville wouldn't contest the new development's controversial entrance.

“This is a complete fabrication by Gillespie, if such statement was made,” Ferris wrote in the letter to the planning commission.

Ferris said in the letter and reiterated at Tuesday night’s Bridgeville Borough Council voting meeting that nothing has changed with the Main Street entrance. He cited a story an Oct. 24 story on Chartiers Valley Patch that quoted Gillespie confidently saying the neighborhood "is going to connect" to Main Street in Bridgeville.

“There’s has been no change in the position of the Borough of Bridgeville as previously stated,” Ferris wrote.

Council President Nino Petrocelli Sr. said they're not going to change how they approach the development.

"They're trying hard to intimidate us, but we're doing what we've been doing," Petrocelli said.

During the Bridgeville Borough Council’s meeting on July 9, Ferris said the law states that "any street not open for 21 years cannot reopen without the consent of 51 percent of the owners." That means the small portion of grass between Main Street and the Bedner Farm, which is in Bridgeville, is literally a roadblock to any entrance.

The Bedner development is estimated to bring in $70 million of assessed value to the Upper St. Clair Township's real estate tax rolls, according to the township's 2013 proposed budget.

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william atwell November 14, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Ok the only question I have is who will open their check books so Bridgeville just sells the piece of land
Mike Jones November 14, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Bridgeville can't make that decision. According to their lawyer, the homeowners on both sides of the property BOTH have to agree to reopen the road. Buying out one of them appears improbably since he's the one who first went to Bridgeville Borough Council asking them to close the officially road.


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