Providence Point Security Guard Accused of Thefts Going to Trial

The Providence Point security guard who allegedly stole $150,000 worth of items from residents last year is heading to trial on all charges.

The Providence Point security guard who waived his right to a preliminary hearing and will head to trial on all charges.

Steven Kowalski, 49, of Baldwin, was accused of a burglarizing numerous apartments in the Scott Township retirement home and taking jewelry, fine silverware and plate settings.

Scott Township police arrested him on May 31 and charged him with 16 counts of burglary, nine counts of theft and one count of receiving stolen property. He waived all of the charges to trial before his preliminary hearing with District Judge Gary Zyra on Sept. 27

The thefts began in late October 2011 and ramped up in early December when residents reported seven thefts in 10 days. Investigators identified Kowalski after a resident came home and found a security guard in her room. Police narrowed the list of suspects and linked him to some of the stolen items.

Providence Point administrators told Skees that Kowalski had been working as a security guard there for about two years.

His formal arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 14, although a court date has not been set. Kowalski remains free on $10,000 bond.

This article first appeared on Chartiers Valley Patch.


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