Judge Drops Two Sex Charges Against Man

Two other charges, including failure to comply with registration of sexual offenders, were held for court.

Andrew David Owens, 56, was held for court Monday on one count of failure to comply with registration of sexual offenders in the state of North Carolina and one count of furnishing a malted beverage to a minor.

Owens appeared in district Judge Robert Wyda's courtroom Monday for his preliminary hearing.

After hearing testimony from the 19-year-old victim and a Bethel Park police detective, Judge Wyda dropped one count of sex assault and one count of indecent assault against Owens.

The victim said he met Owens in the South Hills Village food court on Sept. 12. He said they recognized each other after riding on the T together the day before.

Owens told the victim he could get him a job laying cable, according to the victim. The victim followed him back to his hotel room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Fort Couch Road to fill out a job application, in which ended up being fake.

According to the victim, after an hour he left the room to go to an interview he had scheduled at South Hills Village. He testified he then returned to the hotel room for four more hours.

The victim said Owens told him he needed to do a physical exam to determine if he was capable for the job. The victim said he told Owens he was uncomfortable, but Owens told him he needed to get out of his comfort zone.

The victim also said he drank one beer offered to him by Owens.

He went to police to report the incident one day later.

Because the victim only told Owens once that he was uncomfortable, and that he was not restrained and did not try to get away, Judge Wyda decided to drop the sex assault and indecent assault charges against Owens.

Owens remains in the Allegheny County Jail.

Janie October 17, 2012 at 01:12 PM
One time of telling someone you are uncomfortable should be enough!
Bob October 17, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Oh Bull...t. He's 19, in a hotel room, with a man, who offers alcohol, who suggests he take off his clothes for a physical exam for a job. Are you kidding me? He's an idiot. The judge should throw HIM in jail for stupidity.


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