Driver Crashes Into Railroad Crossing Gate

The woman wasn't seriously injured when she crashed into the railroad crossing gate along Vanadium Road on Saturday.

A driver crashed into a railroad crossing gate along Vanadium Road in Kirwan Heights on Saturday afternoon.

Kirwan Heights fire Chief Mark Lewis said the woman was “not paying attention” when she apparently took her eyes off the road and plowed into the crossing gate around 1:30 p.m.

“She just took her eyes off the road and drifted right into it,” Lewis said. “It’s pretty mangled, but she walked away unhurt.”

Vanadium Road traffic wasn’t seriously impacted, but the rail line had to be shut down until the gate was fixed.

Lewis said the Ohio Central Railroad, which operates the line near the Collier-Scott township border, replaced the gate later on Saturday.

The woman was uninjured, but her sport-utility vehicle sustained heavy damage in the crash, Lewis said.


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