Devil's Night Rescheduled?

Neighbors say they're going to be on the watch Friday night.

Halloween in Upper St. Clair got postponed when Allegheny County declared a disaster emergency ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

And now neighbors are wondering, "Does that mean Devil's Night will be rescheduled as well?"

Some aren't taking any chances, and plan on staying up through the night Friday into Saturday to guard their homes from any vandalism.

District Judge Robert Wyda told Upper St. Clair Patch earlier this week that the Castle Doctrine law makes him concerned for any would-be vandals. The Pennsylvania law expands the homeowner's right to protect himself or herself with lethal force.

"I am very concerned that the new Castle Doctrine law could cause a trigger-happy citizen to prematurely hurt a kid whose motives are not criminal but purely mischievous," he said.

Residents are asked to call the Upper St. Clair Police Department at 412-833-7500 as soon as they notice something suspicious, instead of waiting until morning.

Have you experienced vandalism at your home? Upload any photos you have using the "Upload Photos & Videos" tab above.

James November 04, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Well, I was hit last night and just hit again 15 minutes ago. These Bridgeville kids are getting out of control. 12 of my 20 pumpkins were smashed last night, 3 of my scarecrows were shredded into pieces, and my Obama/Biden sign was defecated on. When will this madness stop? They just threw eggs at my house and drove off. I will attempt to post the pictures once I finish my disposal camera and get the photos developed....


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