Representative Jesse White Versus Range Resources - Shameful Conduct Engaged in by Both

Pennsylvania Continues to Have the Finest Government Money Can Buy

I am not sure whose conduct is the more outrageous in the battle of State Representative Jesse White versus Range Resources.

The company has released email from Mr. White which makes clear the unholy alliance between the two in happier times, times which no longer exist, as White has switched alliance away from the company. Range Resources served as one of White's greatest supporters, even involving itself in fundraising for him up to its ears. In one piece of correspondence, White shamelessly asks if he can "stow away" on the company's corporate jet on a trip to the Super Bowl, a request which he states was made in jest now that it has become public.

At the height of White and Range Resources being bosom buddies, I wonder which individual would be more apt to receive a return call from him, someone from Range Resources or "Joe Q. Citizen," a nobody that contacted White's office to request some type of constituent service.

White states, apparently in his defense, that the company has released the email exchanges in order to embarrass him. Well, yes, of course, and it is succeeding, but it is also serving to embarrass itself. It takes two to tango.

A reasonable and prudent person would conclude that the unholy alliance between a state legislator and a company and big contributor which is dependent on his votes in order to thrive, is business as usual in Harrisburg, government for sale to the highest bidder, a wink and a nod, an unspoken, unwritten quid pro quo.

Anyone who thought that then-Attorney General Tom Corbett was able to weed out all of the crooks and end the unethical behavior that has permeated the body which determines how we live our lives every day, is sadly mistaken as we see with abundant clarity in this sordid affair. We continue to have the finest government money can buy. The citizens be damned!

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Erin Conners November 27, 2012 at 05:29 PM
What exactly did he point out? That I never said that the state had hundreds of people losing their property valued? That I am a covert agent for Jesse White who I did not even know existed until I read this article? Please proud, what did this nonsense prove to you? As Ben has shown you, the majority of the time I was speaking about the people in my area/state since we were discussing statewide DEP testing regulations. The comment about nationwide losses of property value by the hundreds was one comment that does not refer to the state specifically but attempts to expand your viewpoint nationwide to the similarities between issues in testing and the exclusion of particular metals such as chromium. Ben, you are right. The reading comprehension going on on this thread has once again blown mind. Seeing as how you two have no questions about anything that I have posted but have just given into straight up delusions now, I am going to go ahead and not follow this thread anymore. If I am not losing brain cells for participating in this garbage, I am most certainly losing valuable time. (The "or something" was a kind of inside joke not meant for you guys, so I would not really dwell on it all that much...or dwell...I won't be watching).
cecil resident November 27, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Some people know everything about everything but the topic of Jesse White and Range is still the same Rep White talks and talks and people like Erin believe every word he said even if he can't prove it . Range provided the people of Cecil Township the truth.
Roger November 27, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Quoting: "... One woman's home was assessed to be worth $15,000. She didn't buy it for 15,000, so the property lost value ...." Wow!!! Erin, it is time to get off campus and away from academia for awhile. The list of properties in the region like this is lengthy, and has zero to with drilling. Many home are "underwater" in regions that have no drilling. The assertion of "many property values decreasing," or similar words, is true in lots of locations. Also, there are many properties that are increasing in value. And, many of them are in areas with drilling -- the availability of the natural resource has made many property values skyrocket. The "loosing homes" argument goes no place either. You have failed to mention all those who have been able to keep their homes because of lease money, new employment, and new business opportunities that were not there before the recent upsurge in MS drilling. Many of your comments suggest that the technologies being used are new. Hydraulic techniques have been used for 50-60 years. Only recently have they been more widely used. Horizontal drilling gave the techniques a much greater value. So, please stop with the "this is new" argument. Thanks again for posting, despite all your promises of "last one." We like to hear what the kids on the college campus are thinking.
Roger November 27, 2012 at 07:32 PM
I think we can consider this a bonus thread, Quoting, "... all you have to do is call my office at 724-746-3677. Amazingly, no one has chosen to take me up on this offer. ...." Quoting, " .. all you have to do is call my office at 724-746-3677. ...." We have two invitations. Most threads only have one invite. We are plussed. Sorry, no count on admonition of anonymous posters. I'm sure there some, like all other similar threads.
Concerned Citizen November 27, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Roger, you're wasting your breath with that one. Facts mean NOTHING to her. And you're right about the "last one." It never really is the last one. She always remembers one more thing that a professor told her (as she doesn't know what her own opinion really is). And how dare you challenge the smartest human on earth, you are certainly not her intellectual equal (there are no equals to her). Next line will be the standard (for her) "this is a personal attack" and the thread will be shut down. Discourse and the exchange of ideas must not be something they teach in college. As far as her not understanding why property values all across America, what do you expect? On a different post she scoffed at the suggestion that the fiscal cliff is a real event. You can't beat common sense into someone that doesn't have it, despite all the degrees they hold.


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