Remarkable Wall Street Journal Interview With Speaker Boehner

Speaker Boehner and President Obama Court the Disgust and Animosity of the American People

There are two remarkable facets of a Wall Street Journal interview with U. S. House Speaker John Boehner, published Monday, Jan. 7.

The Speaker, a man that is important enough to be permitted to engage in his trademark chain smoking during any interview to which he consents, notes that in conversations with President Obama, he consistently asserted to Boehner that the nation does not have a spending problem: come again? We have a debt of $16.4 trillion and growing, we are incurring trillion dollar plus annual deficits, and we borrow forty cents of every dollar we expend, but we do not have a spending problem, Mr. President? The president pays lip service to being willing to cut federal outlays, but why do so if in his bizarre view, we do not have a spending problem?

Boehner admits in this interview that he told Majority Leader Harry Reid during the recent impasse over the much-heralded “fiscal cliff,” “Go ---- yourself.” I would also note that in December 2010, “distinguished” Speaker Boehner characterized Democratic legislation to extend tax breaks to the middle class as “chicken crap”: lovely, and what a wonderful role model he presents to young students of government. No matter any provocation Boehner may have felt to explode at Senator Reid, is this the type of discourse we seek from our leaders, or is it more characteristic of someone that is immature, undignified, and petulant? Perhaps Boehner is taking a cue from “Vice” Dick Cheney, who used the same vile phrase in addressing another Senator, Vermont’s Patrick Leahy. It is no wonder that the animosity and contempt is so thick in the hallf of Congress that nothing can get done and the "can" is consistently "kicked down the road".

It is fair to note that the Republicans have not cornered the market on the ugly language of profanity. I recall Vice-President Biden telling the president at a microphone he did not recognize was open that his omnibus health care legislation was “a big f---ing deal,” but Biden’s statement, inappropriate and offensive though it was, was not a direct and base insult directed at another.

The enlightening Boehner interview story provides plenty of reason for the American people to be disgusted with, if not contemptuous of their elected officials, Democratic and Republican.   

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Dianne Wilk January 08, 2013 at 01:11 PM
Why are you so worried about a little profanity when we have such out of of control debt and spending??? Have you never got so frustrated???? 40 cents on every dollar is bankrupting our country from the crushing debt. Think of all the better ways we could spend that revenue if it was freed up from the merry-go-round of payments....no small wonder people think Obama's real agenda is to bankrupt our country.
Oren Spiegler January 08, 2013 at 11:57 PM
I agree with you, Ms Wilk. The president does seem intent on bankrupting us and there is no question that we are headed to insolvency. That is why I placed that issue first in this post. I get frustrated a great deal, but I do not use profanity. I know that renders me the odd man out, but I will never regret it. I believe it debases us and makes us a more coarse, crude, disrespectful people. Many Patch users obviously thrive on the use of profanity: to each their own. Let us agree to agree on the troubled state of our nation.
Robert A. Shoaf January 09, 2013 at 02:57 PM
Personally, I wish I had the opportunity to say ' Go F--- yourself to the odious Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, among others. Obama is perfectly happy to pay only lip service to spending cuts, while enlarging the entitlement society. They are, after all, his biggest supporters, and you gotta keep em happy till the next election. After all, wise , noble, and selfless solons such as he know what is best for we poor, misguided peons. The annointed one shall lead us into the light, and cure the earth of all it's ills.


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