A Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts

Want to give your special lady a Valentine’s gift, but not sure what to give? The Patch gals have a few suggestions.

Valentine’s Day gifts are tricky, because gifts on this day seem to imply so much more than gifts given on any random Tuesday.

Whether you’re buying for girlfriends or just friends, the woman you just met or the woman you’ve been with for 50 years, here are a few suggestions for successful Valentine’s Day gift giving.


Flowers are the gold standard of Valentine’s Day gifts, but they don’t necessarily have to be given out of undying love.

Various rose colors have different meanings (yellow, for example, signifies friendship). Roses are the classic, but if you have a daisy lover or tulip enthusiast on your mind, don’t be afraid to change it up!

If you go for flowers, check out your local florist. Fresher flowers, a more personal touch, and you’re supporting local small businesses in the meantime.

Make sure your sweetheart doesn’t have allergies, though.

Candy and Sweets

Another classic, and easier. What’s her favorite?

Most food outlets carry Valentine’s Day specials. If she’s got a favorite sweet treat, especially from a particular place, go with it. Many shops carry sugar-free and gluten-free goods, making this holiday even sweeter.


As a general rule, if you have to cut air holes in the gift box, it’s probably not a good gift. Animals can be a burden if you didn’t ask for them, and this isn’t good for the animal.

On the other hand, if your special someone wants a pet, know what she likes. Don’t buy a snake for a girl who loves puppies. Don’t buy a rodent for a girl who loves snakes (do you see that ending well? I don’t.).


I never took statistics, but I’d bet that 99.9 percent of girls like jewelry.

Again, know what she likes. Fine jewelry and costume jewelry are different things. Friends and newbie couples might want to stick with simple costume jewelry, depending on taste. Adding precious metals or gemstones is territory for the slightly more serious.

Now if you’re really serious, you’re going to want something that makes a truly lasting impression, which leads us to …

Rings and Proposals

WARNING: You must use caution if you deploy a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day. Success means a sweet “ever after” story to share with generations to come. Failure means you’re “that guy” who tried an unsuccessful cliché.

If you’re going for a surprise proposal, Valentine’s Day isn’t the day to do it. As an alternative, choose a day that’s special because it means something to the two of you—not because it’s a special day for candy makers and card companies.

Proposals should match the personality of the couple, and the ring should match the personality of the girl wearing it. This is your chance to be creative. No one knows your relationship better than you.

What other Valentine's Day gift ideas do you have? Tell us in the comments!


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