Self Defense Seminar

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This two part seminar is designed to empower you with actions that you can take to avoid being singled out as the target of a violent attack and to teach you the skills necessary to gain the upper hand if you do become involved in a violent situation. 


- Strategies for avoiding an encounter - How to hit- How to kick- Where to hit- Where to kick- Basic blocking strategies- Escaping techniques- Timing and distance- Weapons you can use- Defending against weapons 

WHAT TO WEAR: Street clothes or gym wear are fine. Pants should be loose fitting to allow for free movement, but not too long. They should not touch the floor. Jeans are not a good choice. Shirts should be sturdy enough not to tear if they are grabbed. Bare feet are best, it is easier to feel your connection to the ground. Finger nails and toe nails should be clean and neatly trimmed. Please remove all body jewelry... rings, ear rings, any kind of body piercing jewelry can injure you or your partners.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Mike Duray was awarded the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt) by his teacher Tsutomu Ohshima, founder of Shotokan Karate of America (www.ska.org). Mike has been actively training with SKA since 1972 and currently serves on their board of directors . Mike also volunteers his time to instruct at the Pitt and CMU Shotokan karate clubs.


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