Taking an In-Depth Look at the Miele Vacuums

An in depth look at Miele

 We see so many different vacuums on the market each day and we dissect each one looking for what sets them apart. We proudly carry the Miele Vacuum line in our stores because we have had great success, low maintenance and many happy customers with these units.  


 Miele boasts a great air flow and filtration system, something that its competitors can not come close to!  The system moves the dirt from the bottom up and then suctions it i~it does not just suction, the air acts as a vehicle of movement for the dirt which once loosened can then be suctioned up.  

 Fact:  It is a proven fact that bagged vacuums are better at filtration than bag-less units.  The first thing to look for when purchasing a vacuum is if it has a bag or a bag-less system.  

 The brand you will find in our store is a Miele.  The Miele unit has a sealed bagged compartment and utilizes a 99.9%emission free bag.  What this means to you, what goes in is staying in and not being recirculated in your air!  There is also a filter prior to entering the motor compartment.  Again, with the filter in place it means what goes in is staying in.  The exhaust system in the Miele a hepa filter to filter the air coming from the motor which again keeps your air dirt free.  


The Miele has a great air flow.  The air flow is what cleans your carpeting and floors, not the amount of suction it has.  Air Flow plays a large roll in removing the debris from your carpet.  Let's look at this example:  If you were to put a quarter into your hand and place the wand of the vacuum over the quarter that quarter would not move.  Now let's do the same thing again, except this time let's add air flow to the same situation and you will suddenly see the quarter move because air released it.  Air penetration allows for debris to be moved and swept up.  Imagine this scenario with dirt in your carpet, suction alone will not pull the dirt up and out, but air will because air forces dirt to the top of the carpeting and the sweeper then suctions it up.  There is superior air flow in a Miele.  

WHAT EXACTLY IS MIELE'S claim to fame?  

"IMMER BESSER" which actually is German for "Forever Better".  Most of the parts are for the vacuum are manufactured in Germany.  Miele harbors the steadfast  values of quality, performance and great service with each unit.  

What Else Do I  Need to Know?  

In all the different units we have worked with, repaired, etc.  it has been our experience that the Miele line has had the lowest levels of maintenance.  We see vacuums because the user breaks the unit and for light maintenance like standard brush roll and filter replacement but not other problems.  

 Did you know that the Miele's have a cord on an upright that is 40 feet long and the cords on the canisters are 20-29 feet depending on the model! Imagine not having to plug and replug a vacuum! That is absolutely wonderful for those of you that like to go room to room without unplugging or for getting across large rooms.  Additionally, the heads swivel with ease and the one touch switch of floor to carpet easily transitions the vacuum.  The vacuums are heavy, and they do require bags.  We sell these bags in our stores.(do we?)    The headlight on the unit makes it function able in low light areas.  

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