See the $4.5 Million Renovation Project at Friendship Village of South Hills

The public is invited to an open house this afternoon.

Step inside the Health Center at Friendship Village of South Hills—or look at “before and after” photos—and you may find it hard to believe it’s the same place.

Today from 1 to 4 p.m., an open house welcomes the public and media to explore the $4.5 million renovation project at the senior living community. The Health Center project includes new technology to promote resident vitality and a new activities room with an innovative roofing system to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. Renovations also include the complete remodeling of all resident rooms, lounges, staff work areas and the therapy room.

“We’re excited about the changes and the benefits it delivers for not only residents, but also for staff,” said Bobbi Jo Haden, senior executive director at Friendship Village. “The renovations advance our care and wellness programs, provide new and engaging activities and create an environment that meets the changing expectations of older adults so they can live the lifestyle they prefer.”

The renovations modernize many features and amenities in the living and working areas of the Health Center. The new activities room includes a translucent roofing system that allows diffused natural sunlight into the room. Designed for comfort, the system also provides structural integrity and optimal energy efficiency. Other features include an open ADA-compliant kitchenette area where residents can participate in food-related activities. Height-adjustable tables also allow for participation in activities by people of varying abilities.

“The renovations provide a combination of warmth and sophistication,” Haden said. “Today’s older adults have a more modern mentality, and they want a more involved and enriching lifestyle experience. The Health Center renovations are designed to reflect these changing attitudes and desires.”

The next stage of enhancements at Friendship Village is a $10 million renovation to the commons areas of the community. The project will include a new café and wine bar, expanded auditorium and fitness center, new lounge areas, and other improvements. The community is in the process of making plans for a groundbreaking ceremony.

The Health Center and commons areas are part of Friendship Village, a Life Care community. The senior living community provides a variety of lifestyle options, from independent living apartments and carriage homes to skilled nursing and memory care. Amenities at the community will include a fitness center, movie theater, art studio, bistro, restaurant-style dining venues, adjoining golf course and more.

“The transformations make for a very active time at the community, but it’s fitting with the lifestyle of residents at Friendship Village,” Haden says. “We look forward to realizing the benefits from the Health Center renovations and what’s to come with the further enhancements at the community.”

Let us know what you think of renovations in the comments below.


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