Date Night - Week 16: El Paso Mexican Grill

Did Cinco de Mayo get you in the mood for Mexican food? El Paso Mexican Grill is a delicious and inexpensive way to celebrate.

Fun fact:  Cinco de Mayo marks an outnumbered Mexican army’s victory over an invading French army on May 5, 1862, in Puebla, east of Mexico City.

In preparation for Thursday's Mexican celebration (ok, honesty here – we’ll make any excuse to eat Mexican) we headed over to Bridgeville to visit El Paso’s Mexican Grill.  Despite the fact that it was a weeknight, there was a line, but we were seated within minutes.

Fun Fact:  Americans alone are expected to consume more than 70 million pounds of avocados on Cinco de Mayo. 

We didn’t consume quite that much guac, but the side of it that came with my meal was creamy and fresh. 

Our spinach quesadilla was a unique Mexican twist on the traditional Mexican staple, and crazy cheap:  $3.39 for a warm quesadilla folded around a creamy spinach and cheese filling.

Fun Fact:  The first recognized celebration of Cinco de Mayo has been traced back to 1960’s California where a group of college students was looking for a way to celebrate their Mexican heritage. 

Jeremy and I each had one of the dinner platters:  mine, a vegetarian combo with a bean burrito, cheese enchilada and tostada; his, a beef taco, burrito, and refried beans.  In addition to the 10 veggie combos and 32 meat combos, there are a number of specialty dishes, organized on the menu by seafood, beef, chicken, and pork. 

Few of the yummy dishes on the menu, including the combos, cost more than $10.  Our combos were each less than $8.

Fun Fact:  If you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or just an excuse for some south of the border cooking, check out El Paso Mexican Grille in Bridgeville!


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