Pittsburgh Region Getting New Area Code

The need to activate the 878 area code is imminent, according to the Public Utility Commission.

The Pennsylvania Public Commission is adding 878 as a new area code for southwestern Pennsylvania because the 724 and 412 phone numbers are almost all taken.

The 724 area code is nearing exhaust and the need to activiate the 878 area code is imminent, according to the commission. Because of this, telephone numbers will be assigned using the 878 area code in the 724 area first.

Mandatory 10-digit dialing within and between the 412 and 724 areas has been occurring since July 2001, and residents will need to 10-digit dial all telephone numbers within the 878, 412 and 724 area to reach the person or business they are dialing.

All current customers keep their same area codes and telephone numbers. Numbers from the new area code may be assigned to new telephone customers or those adding additional lines.

What do you think about the new 878 area code? Tell us in the comments.

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