Newcomers' Club Hosting Open House for New Residents

Making the stressful transition to a new neighborhood very welcoming.

Moving to a new town can be nerve-racking. There's so much to do—unpack, find a doctor, figure out how to navigate the confusing Pittsburgh roadways.

Take a deep breath. The Upper St. Clair Newcomers' Club is here to help.

"The club does a great job of making what can seem like a very stressful transition to a new neighborhood very welcoming," said club president Ann Marie Dingmann.

The Newcomers' Club is a women's social club dating back to 1955. The organization was formed to help new residents meet and make friends with neighbors and help each other become acquainted with life in a new community.

The club also welcomes women who are current residents of Upper St. Clair and have recently experienced a life event such as kids going off to school, returning to the workforce or having a baby.

Want to see if the club is right for you? Visit the club's open house from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 27 at the Panera in The Galleria. Enjoy baked goods, coffee and company.

"Joining the club was one of the very best decisions I made when we moved to Upper St. Clair. The friendliness of the members and the networking and the exchange of ideas among members has been extremely helpful to us," Dingmann said. "We recently had a baby and everyone has been so supportive."

"I found the Upper St Clair Newcomers' Club early on and have really enjoyed making new contacts, for both friendship and referrals to health care providers. There are many social opportunities to meet and connect with other new residents," said Mia Moran-Cooper.

"What other organization's mission is to simply make new friends, enjoy the company of others and just have fun?" said past president Heather Holtschlag.

"I can't think of life without it," said member Janet Slater.

Click here to visit the Newcomers' Club website.


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