Most Popular Dog Names in Upper St. Clair

According to the Allegheny County dog registrations, the top five dog names in 15241 are ...

Upper St. Clair dog owners sure love their Pittsburgh sports.

There are a number of dogs named Sidney, Crosby and Geno—certainly inspired by two of the Pittsburgh Penguins' most valuable players.

There are also a few dogs named Rooney, Bettis—and even a Polamalu—in honor of Pittsburgh Steelers owners, Jerome and Troy.

But none of the sport-inspired names were popular enough to make the top dog names in Upper St. Clair. Below are the top five in 15241, according to 2012 Allegheny County dog registration data:

  1. Max
  2. Bella
  3. Buddy
  4. Sam
  5. (Tied) Daisy and Bailey

What is your favorite dog name? Tell us in the comments.

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